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We used Eye of Laksmi Photography for both our wedding photos and our engagement photos. She is an absolutely amazing photographer and I cannot recommend her enough. Besides the fact that she takes beautiful photos, she is also a pleasure to work with and certainly knows what she's doing! She gave us everything we wanted, plus more! I knew I loved her photography, work style and professionalism after our engagement photos, but she really went above and beyond at the wedding. When some things didn't go quite as planned at the wedding (unrelated to photography), she was a soothing presence and kept me calm. She is a calm, gentle and peaceful presence, while also efficiently directing shoots, keeping on schedule and getting all of the pictures that we requested - plus some really great extra ones that we hadn't even thought of. I couldn't even figure out how she got some of the pictures because it almost seemed like she had to be in two places at once to get them - she must have been running all over the place! Of all of our vendors, she was our absolute favorite and even our guests had wonderful things to say about her. We got our pictures back quickly and were thrilled with them. Not only did she get every photo requested, but she really captured the feeling we wanted with our photos. I would give her so many more stars if I could. If you need a wedding photographer, I HIGHLY recommend Eye of Laksmi Photography. -Nicole W.

Laksmi is a spectacular photographer with an eye for lighting and detail. Two things you need a real deal photographer to have. Her sweet, kind disposition helped my fiance stay cool and calm under the pressure of a camera in his face... and we ended up having a great time with our shoot! I highly recommend her! Considering even doing a boudoir-style shoot -- not even sure if she does that kind of thing.. but if she does, I'm sure she'll make it fun, accessible and will get some unique shots! Blessings, Laksmi. Thank you for your art. -Eliza M.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Laksmi for capturing my family's life over the past 14 years. It started with my pregnancy pictures, truly priceless ones that I treasure. Then pictures of my sons, with the first shoot she ever did of them, they were accepted at Ford Modeling when Sebastian was 11 months and Alex was 5, yes my boys are cutie pies, but it was a great shot! Over the years, the photographs that she has taken of my family are some of my most prized possessions that decorate the walls of my home and office, in the event of a fire, I will be grabbing them on the way out! She truly captures the essence of people from behind her lens.-Lora L.

We hired Laksmi as our wedding photographer and I couldn't be happier with the whole experience! She's intuitive, professional, non-intrusive and has a great eye. I felt like she really listened to our needs and truly captured the essence of our event! Also, her presence amongst our guests was jovial and kind. Highly recommended!-Stephanie H.

Laksmi is one of my favorite artists, with an eye as graceful as any I've seen! She not only has this amazing talent of photography, she has a special presence while photographing that allows you to feel almost like she is not there and yet, supportive at the same time. I don't find I can open up in front of many 'professionals' as it feels too planned (out of the spirit of capturing a natural moment of who a persons essence is)That being said, I am a professional singer, and my first album was beautifully graced with her photography...and I use her images regularly for my posters, media and event material. I highly recommend this beautiful artist!!!-Dasi J.

Laksmi is both masterful in her ability to capture the precious memories & beautiful moments to treasure forever. Her photographs capture the mystique & magic that can't even be seen with the naked eye.-K.D.

Laksmi's photography is superb! She has provided us with amazing photos of our wedding day and captured so many beautiful moments for our family and friends, including births, newborns, special events and every day life.-Govinda M.